Supplies Needed

I may have mentioned I keep 3 first aid kits stocked at all times. One in the bathroom, one in my bedroom and a third mini case to take wherever I go. In Summer, it’s especially important as I get hives and rashes more often and I have an unusually strong immune response to mosquito bites which sometimes become infected or  heal poorly. This all may seem excessive, but if you’ve seen my gross wound and torn skin photos, I’m sure you get it!

My bedroom first aid kit.

With many asking how they can help, there’s a major practical ànd inexpensive way you can help me a great deal. You may even have some of these items hanging around! For me, keeping these first aid supplies stocked adds up. Why can’t the government assist us with these kind of essentials along with food allowance? Just an idea.

Anyway, I find many items at Dollar Tree, Big Lots, clearance sections at drugstores and Target Dollar Spot. Most surprising were the big box of colorful adhesive bandages for $1 mixed in with office supplies in the Staples discount bins! I always keep an eye out! Below is a list of specific supplies I go through quite a bit of. Generic and store brands are perfectly acceptable as are full or partial first-aid kits you can often find cheap if you look hard! I’m not all that picky!  Children’s bandaids seem to fair a bit better, as some adhesives are bad news for my skin. It’s really hit and miss. The “tattoo” or waterproof style bandages that seal all around are very useful for my fingers! I believe NexCare makes them as well as some store brands. My only allergy related to this is Benadryl (Diphenhydramine) which is often hidden in sedating OTC pills.

Here’s the list:
(* = most needed)

• Adhesive bandages (bandaids) in various sizes*
• Gauze pads*, gauze wraps*
• Antibiotic ointment and cream
• Hydrocortisone cream/Anti-Itch Gel/Calamine Lotion
• Nitrile Gloves SzMedium (latex and powder-free, but need not be sterile.)*
• Alcohol pads/swabs
• Antiseptic Spray
• Gentle Baby Wipes*
• Self-adhesive wraps (small)
• Waterproof adhesive tape
• Paper tape*
• Ace wraps (small)
• Chlor-Trimeton (antihistamine pills)*
• Hand sanitizer

If you come across a coupon or deal online, please send it my way. Every penny saved really helps! Thank you all for your care and concern! If you are able to donate some supplies (no amount is too small!), just e-mail me or comment on this page and I’ll provide you with a postal address!

Some examples of what I have to keep stocked.
Standard and small bandaids are most useful. The small ones (left) fit my fingers best and they require them often.

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