I’m still here!

I apologize for not posting of being active here for a few weeks. Where things left off, I was at a loss for what to write that wouldn’t be more gloom and I needed some time to wallow and grieve.

Since then, I’ve turned 33 (my Jewish birthday is tomorrow, though). A lot of small things have progressed and for that I am thankful, but more drama has popped up when things at SILO went very, very wrong. Apparently, there’s some big damage control taking place as even I have been contacted by the CEO. I do plan to meet with him, but only when I secure a third party to be present. I don’t trust any of these people. I won’t bore you with the details. Suffice it to say, my birthday week was trampled over, so tomorrow will be the day I celebrate and I will share some of it with you here.

In other news, I’m looking into finding a trainer who is qualified to train service dogs. I will then have to fundraise to pay for this training, registering, vet bills, etc., but I’m convinced a service dog would be ideal for me as humans haven’t been so easily trusted. If anyone has any tips or experience with this, please contact me!

I’m also going to start posting videos discussing what’s currently going on and topics related to EDS, my day-to-day goings-on and whatever else comes to mind. I find its easier to articulate things when I can speak, rather than type. However, I will still write like I do now for those who prefer it or have hearing or other impairment that would make vlogging less than ideal.

I will get back to reading posts I’ve missed, commenting and replying. I haven’t forgotten about any of you!!