How You Can Help

I’ve mentioned before that I feel strange accepting money, but I do have an Amazon WishList with items that would be helpful to me. If you so desire, this option allows things to be shipped directly to me as my address is on file.

I do not have a PO Box as it’s not a priority and would seem like an unecessary expense. I can provide an address if you wish you write to me or even penpal! Just ask!

Another option is giftcards.
Some retailers who carry my essentials and things I tend to buy are:
– Amazon
– Target
– Ikea
– Staples
– Stop & Shop
– Walgreens

I also have items up for sale here:
Please browse through and share the link wherever you’d like! I have children and teens clothes, women’s fashions, accessories, crafting items, books, toys and games for all ages and baby stuff! More items added regularly!

All media inquiries can be addressed directly to me at: zebracourage(at)
I do interviews, public speaking engagements, etc. based on the location and topic. I can be hired on a consultant basis for political groups, books and articles, etc.


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