Proof of the lies

I was verbally lied to, so I don’t have proof to show, but there was another neutral party present who confirms the lies by Robert Lindros, the nurse who did my intake.

Here are some key e-mails to explain my last post:


No one has any such record of this. All I have is this e-mail and the property manager application I signed and returned that she refers to here.
Paula lied. Who does this is a human being in danger? It will catch up with her, I’m sure.


My original coordinator, Sally, spoke with Paula as recently as 4/21 and I was told this was definite as well as reassured in person when we met.


My current coordinator was the one to tell me Paula Diane Ryan lied and never submitted anything on my behalf. This was confirmed by Becky who represents the agency Paula left in her wake.


Becky from SILO confirmed my worst nightmare. Several people blatantly lied, but all records were deleted, including the e-mails I had sent Paula, so there’s no record on their end. Sounds fishy.


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