Hiya friends! Well,  tomorrow I interview and very likely sign with my service coordinator and I should know more about my housing stuff among other things. I’ll definitely keep you in the loop. That said, would anyone like notifications for my new posts or a twice a month newsletter (no spam)? I know a lot of you don’t have WordPress or Bloglovin (ZebraCourage), so in our busy lives, it’s easier to click through an e-mail than remember to visit my blog regularly. Please tell me what you think! I really appreciate your honest input.

I’ve shared some of my artwork, crafting and hobbies, and received quite a lot of feedback on those posts. I plan to share more of this and review art and crafts products and share project ideas. My question to you is: would you prefer a separate blog for these posts or a series within this blog? My pro/con list is even, so I’d really appreciate hearing what you prefer. If it is indeed separate, I will share some inspirational thoughts and experiences as well. As you know, I don’t hide my faith, but I respect the fact that most of you are not reading my posts to hear about that sort of thing. I’d prefer not to make anyone feel like I’m preaching or anything like that. As both a religious abuse survivor and a Jew by choice, I don’t believe in trying to convert people, but I do like to express things through my beliefs.

And I have a third question: Would you be interested in video blogs? I would post the vlogs here, probably via YouTube and it would only be occaisional. Does this appeal to you? What would you like me to share via video if at all?

I look forward to your feedback and welcome your opinions!

Have a great week.


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