I’m still around…kinda

I’m sorry for not letting you know what has been going on. My vision and hand tremor prevented me from doing much at all.

My symptoms got so bad, my covering doc told me to come straight to the ER. Tests were mostly normal, but the cognitive impairment has worsened and actually scares me. I could still have something wrong with my optic nerve or a movement disorder.

All of it came on so suddenly and I was sobbing when they discussed discharging me because I was so afraid to go home. I can’t think clearly and I’ve accidentally taken the wrong medication, cut my hand by grasping for what I thought was a sharpie, but clearly wasn’t. I got without eating because I simply don’t think about it. I stutter and other people talking just sounds like gibberish to me.

I feel like my brain is holding me hostage. I can’t take much more of this. Seeing my PCP on Monday and I need her to try to fix me. No more pointless tets and specialists. Just no more!

3 thoughts on “I’m still around…kinda

  1. I don’t want to ‘like’ this post, but I wanted to offer my condolences and I surely hope they figure out what is going on very quickly!


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