Thank you!

I have now had this blog going for a whole year and just hit 225 followers. I can’t thank you enough for being a part of my blog, sharing your own stories and offering advice. I was hesitant to start this blog (especially using my real name and photos), not realizing what a blessing it would be! You never know if others will be receptive or interested in what you have to say. It’s been a pleasure getting to know so many of you through your writing and exchanging e-mails and comments.

The goal of this blog remains the same, but has also expanded due to your great feedback. I am still desperately seeking handicapped accessible housing, still dealing with the ups and many downs of a progressive disease, but I also want to make a point to educate non sickies, show an honest view of life with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and mobility impairment and also show how capable a disabled person can be. We’re not drains on the system and often the system fails us. We have a lot to contribute as professionals, volunteers, parents, friends and advocates. Whether you were born with a physical impairment or like myself, became this way as a teen/adult, there are obstacles as our society still has not made the world around us a friendly one for all citizens.

My hope is to get housing in the New Year and to connect with others who are currently or have had to adjust to life as a physically disabled person. I want to extend my life and indepence. To mbrace the changes I have to implement to enjoy life as fully as before. I know this blog will allow me to make the connections I really need.


I thank all of you most of all, whatever your faith, for all the prayers, positive thoughts, healing vibes and love you’ve given to me. There are days where I am in disbelief that I’ve made it this far, and that’s in great part to you. This can be a more caring and compassionate world than people realize. Sadly, it’s overshadowed by greed, abuse, selfishness, hatred, negativity, prejudice, narcissism and laziness. For that reason, we must be a light, a positive influence and an example to the rest of the world. Don’t ever let it steal the kindness in your heart.

Please share my blog on social media and always feel free to contact me directly via the tabs at the top of the page. I’m hopeful that year 2 will bring some awesome changes!
#findzebraahome #ZebraCourage


7 thoughts on “Thank you!

  1. Happy Holidays to you – sending positive housing vibes your way! I hope you find the home you need soon, and thank-you for sharing your courageous journey with us.

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