As I lay in bed at 1 in the morning wide awake, I’m really wishing I had taken better care of myself this whole week! I should have really made my sleep pattern priority. I’m also experiencing the most uncomfortable stomach bloating I’ve dealt with in a while, yet I’ve eaten very little today.

Several years ago, into one of my many bouts with cyclic vomiting, I was made aware I had the telltale signs of delayed gastric (stomach) emptying. This made total sense, but was yet another part of my medical puzzle that had no solution, so I just went on with life and a sometimes angry stomach. I was a vegetarian and already attempting to eat small, more frequent meals. That’s about all they could suggest to help things.


I knew I was pushing myself way too hard this week and it certainly has caught up with me. I’ve had an “anxiety appetite” where go most of the day without eating and when I finally feel a bit more calm, I force it down to “make up” for it. My abdomen has been distended and tonight, it feels as if I’m pregnant with twins. My brain is telling me to eat, but my stomach opposes this idea so strongly, it hurts from pressure. To paint a better picture, I feel like dear Violet here:


Even taking a deep breath is uncomfortable.

I figure I’ve only eaten 2 actual meals all week and not all of which stayed down successfully. I’m making a point to get nutrients when I can take a few bites, but it’s a battle when I feel such discomfort. All I want to do is sleep. My stomach is churning, I’m hungry and my belly is so huge, I can’t get comfortable.

I’m very glad the vomiting has been kept at a minimum, but the last time I experienced this, I lost an unhealthy amount of weight and I always fear it will get that bad again. I guess I really need to work on pacing myself and doing a lot more in the way of self care!

6 thoughts on “Gastroparesis

  1. I am sorry about this. It sounds painful and well I love food. There is another girl on here who I believe has the same symptoms. Maybe a few other things. She is finding no answers either. Hugs, and love ❀

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