Realizations and passing time.

Something hit me square on the head Sunday night: I need to repack my bag for easy last minute exits. I haven’t been sleeping much and haven’t been able to settle in, but having this bag set and ready to go should help a great deal. My therapist agreed and said I should do all I can to reinforce to myself that this is just temporary. I have to keep that focus, especially since my battle is uphill. Working on that now.

Since November is probably the worst time to make my plea to local elected officials, I’m trying to keep my mind busy. Being sick and watching mindless TV got old fast. I now have a space of my own in my dad’s workshop. We’ve always worked on things together, but what’s even better is that I’m not trapped in my room all day. I don’t last long, but it’s a good break.

My workspace. Made with scrap wood.

It’s been only 2 days with things set up, and aside from a soldering iron burn I stupidly inflicted on my hand, it has been really good for me. I need alone time. I need creative time. I really need a break from being on edge all day and night.

Next, I’ll be following up on my letters on the phone and in person. I’m nervous as can be, but desperation calls for courage and I can do it. I will have  safe place of my own to live by 2016!


One thought on “Realizations and passing time.

  1. Glad to read two such upbeat posts. I am praying for you, that you find your way to a safe place soon! So glad you have a small space to call your own. What sort of things do you make? Just wondering… 🙂


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