Divine appointments.

The morning I left for my intake at the safe house, I was nervous as can be and afraid I’d be caught leaving. I had made a reservation with AbleRide to take me there and the driver came just in time. As I waited, I took in what a beautiful day had become and in the Fall air, could feel change was really coming.

As the van pulled up, I scurried to gather my bags and hurriedly introduced myself to my driver. I was preoccupied in the moment, but later thought of how attractive, polite and kind he was. He seemed taken aback by my interest in meeting him and I felt compelled to do so. I’m generally friendly to strangers, but this was far from an ideal time to socialize, or so I thought. In the short trip to Bethpage from my house, we discussed sports, Star Wars, observance of Shabbat and even some more personal things. It was natural, like chatting with an old friend.

I planned to give him my contact information, so when he asked to exchange, I was pleased. It’s not everyday you meet someone you can have such meaningful and honest conversation with. To my dismay, my phone was confiscated before I was relocated to the safe house, so that positive person I’d hoped to be in touch with was ripped away with everyone else.

I’ve texted him a few times since my escape and we spoke tonight for over an hour. Anyone who knows me knows I do not talk on the phone much. It takes a lot to hold my attention for that long. We had such a great conversation and I was right to assume I made a wonderful new friend whom I know will be a blessing in my life and I hope to be the same for him.

Our lives mirror each other in so many ways, it’s freaky! Since the new Star Wars movie is coming out, we have plans to see it together and I look forward to further connecting with someone who I feel at ease around.

Although the safe house was more like a disabled person’s house of horrors, good things did indeed come of my stay there and this new friendship is yet another. I’m grateful for all the good it brought in the way of friendships and I’m able to let a little more of it fade into the background as I move toward my ultimate goal. I now have more people on my side to keep me focused on getting there!


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