Status quo

Finally! My pain medication came in last night and with one dose, I feel amazingly better. I still have sinus pain, congestion, nausea, etc., but much less bothersome. I can even breathe through my nose today. Were my symptoms just worse due to medication withdrawal? I think so. This really makes me hate being on a strong pain medication all the more so. I realize it was an issue of quality of life to start these meds, but I often regret even going down this road. I don’t know if I had any other choice, though. I’m not a candidate for surgical intervention and my spinal deterioration is too extensive for an implant device to help. I feel forced into taking these pills daily. Moreover, I’m still in quite a bit of pain despite them. Meh.

My dad’s letters went out to all applicable politicians in my area. No response as of yet, but I wasn’t expecting that. A follow up phone call to confirm receipt of the letter will be made next week. Please keep the prayers coming. I really don’t know what else to do. I guess show up at their doors one by one?

In leaving the shelter, I avoided having to be so terribly ill for the past week in an unfamiliar, uncomfortable place, but I’m really torn. Things have already gone back to the status quo. I expected the good behavior to last a little bit longer. It’s not unbearable, but I really don’t feel comfortable here. I had to leave for my health and safety, but wish it had been different. I feel really trapped now. I barely even hear from friends now that I’m back. It’s isolation all over again and it’s painful. I can’t even sleep through the night.

In positive news, my echocardiogram results were good! No visible signs of EDS affecting the structure of my heart at this time. The tachycardia was found to not be an arrhythmia, and must be caused by an improper message being sent from another organ or an outside cause. I’m beginning to wonder if my pain medication could be the culprit? Or perhaps just the pain itself, increasing the stress on my heart? Who knows..

I have so much to be concerned about medically, but I don’t feel much can be done until I’m living somewhere accessible and can take the stress off my body. I really appreciate the support from those who keep up with my blog. This blog truly does make me feel like I’m still connected with the world and people who can relate. Don’t forget to use #findzebraahome on social media! Share my blog all you can!


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