Alas, it’s the plague!

I was at the doctor last week and being as I was sharing living space with 17 other people, I opted for the routinely offered flu shot. It turns out I waited too late or didn’t build immunity in time.

I began to have symptoms of a cold over the weekend which has now become either the flu or a wicked sinus infection. It was inevitable had I continued living there. For goodness sake, we had 2 roach sightings and constant neglect of dirty dishes at the house. Call me prissy, but this girl is suburban. I don’t do roaches! I could be found sweeping the bedroom floor daily to prevent any such visitors.

Now, I’m stuck in bed until this lets up. My throat and ears hurt a great deal, and I’ve become a mouth-breathing germ factory. I will follow up with a disability rights attorney (hit me up, NY law firms. I caught a good one for you!) after effectively being forced back into a slightly less unsuitable living situation. Those 2 weeks are truly regrettable, aside from the friends I made whom I hope can read this despite the nonsensical dictatorship that disallows use of e-mail whilst residing there (how is one supposed to find a job or a place to live,  well they don’t. Most end up on the streets, back with their abuser or if they are “lucky,” in another shelter).


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