All for naught?

After all the kerfuffle, I am back home after 2 weeks in a domestic abuse safe house. They refused to meet my most basic needs as a disabled person, and I could no longer stay and hope for help that was never going to come. With my phone taken away and a strict prohibition on emailing, how was I to advocate for myself?

My dad and I had been in touch and considered having me go to my aunt’s for two weeks for a much needed respite, then figure out our next step, all while reaching out to area politicians. To my shock and dismay, my aunt decided against taking me in with no reason given. In all honesty, I’m very hurt by this. I respect her decision, but I’m very upset and it planted a seed of doubt in whether I can count on anyone. Tough to admit, but true

I’m back living with my parents with no other options available, but if housing doesn’t come through and things become chaotic here once again, I will seek placement in a different shelter. I left the previous one because my health was being negatively affected on top of a plethora of other reasons that made that place unsuitable for anyone with any special needs at all. Resources suck in Nassau County. I hope the Nassau County Bar Association reconsiders their grant to this organization.

My dear friend Kat created a hashtag to help get the word out for me. Please consider using #findzebraahome in your social media posts and blog tags. It would be tremendously helpful! I will be sure to update you on any developments and would like to thank you again for supporting my decision to leave.

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