Here’s my chance… I hope!

I asked my ever wonderful therapist to talk to the people from the safe house’s hotline on my behalf after they did an actual intake with me just to decide I was too much of a liability. You see, the only room currently available is not ideal in the sense of accessibility, but neither is my current location. So, they’ve relented and asked me to come in for my “full intake” tomorrow morning. The worker we both spoke with essentially suggested I make a strong point of making my disability less than it is. I really do need that first floor, but I’m not more of a liability than the next person by being on the second floor. There’s always a chance they’ll kick me to the curb and I’ll have to come right back home. I’m trying not to even consider that, and honestly, how can it be fair or even legal for 3 separate safe houses to offer to take me then decide not to?!

After a few e-mails and phone calls to figure things out, I have an AbleRide bus picking me up at my house around 9 in the morning to take me to the office where the intake will occur. I’m hoping the lazy bodies here will both be and stay asleep. I’ll wait outside for my ride to arrive. I have a lot left to carry even though my big bag of clothes is with my friend. I have to bring my support pillow, a huge jar of Aquaphor, hot/cold packs and tons of medication and supplements. Packing isn’t simple when you have special needs. I’m even leaving some things behind simply because I can barely handle what I already have packed!

There’s no way to prepare for any and all things that may come up and I just need to accept that. I am just going to move ahead and take things as they come. I know G-d is with me through this all and I pray for peace, discernment, intervention, courage, wisdom and safety from the One who blessed us with these things. HaShem will shelter me when I have nowhere else to turn!


2 thoughts on “Here’s my chance… I hope!

  1. So wonderful/frightening to hear of! Praying Jesus would smooth out every wrinkle and bless you with a safer room of your own soon! Will be checking your blog/Wordpress as frequently as I can for any and all updates!
    Grace & Peace in Christ,

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