Called off!

So, after 32 hours of sheer panic and 30 minutes of phone intake, despite already telling them I’m mobility impaired, it’s decided to refer me out to another safe house as this one isn’t accessible. All that for nothing. I feel like now I’m definitely I’m trapped here until it kills me. Going this route is my only shot and I’m not sure it will even work out soon or ever.

I’m too distraught to think clearly, but I wanted to keep you all updated as promised and also thank you for your continued support, prayers, encouragement and hugs from afar! I really can’t tell you how much it means.


4 thoughts on “Called off!

  1. Ugh, sweet Dani, my heart hurts for you. I cannot imagine the frustration and anxiety you are feeling at this time. The good news is that it’s very encouraging to hear from you. Knowing you have the strength and energy to keep your friends out here in the blogosphere informed of your situation means that you still have alot of gumption left in you. Yay! Continuing to petition Mercy’s throne on your behalf, Micki XOXOX

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  2. I’m so sorry – I am sick of people, after I’ve already told them multiple times that I am in a wheelchair, having me show up some place and saying ‘oh! I didn’t realize you couldn’t use the stairs’ or ‘it’s only three steps, are you sure you can’t do it?’ Argh! I’m not giving up and will continue praying for you to get to someplace that is okay for you. It’s okay to feel discouraged, abd I can’t imagine how horrible it must be – but I believe that you can make it. ❤

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