“We can’t help you!”

My title was chosen because I hear this way too much, certainly too much for the life I’ve lived this far! In this case, I’m referring to Domestic Violence organizations and so-called victim resources.

Apparently, at least according to two of the local organizations I’ve contacted, they’re unable to assist me at all. Why? It appears their GOVERNMENT FUNDING is only to help those experiencing “intimate partner violence.” In some ways, I argue my situation is that more serious and potentially dangerous as I am disabled, impoverished and forced to live where I live and with the perpetrator of my abuse. Wait, I should make a correction, it is suggested I call 911 – and then be left out on the street in retaliation at the least! Thanks, morons!

That’s right, I’m ineligible for any help from the abuse I endure. I took a huge leap when one of my medical professionals reported my situation to APS. The riled things up enough to cause me to think very fast on my feet to calm things. Thankfully, I’ve learned from the master how to lie, deceive and make up excuses. Something I don’t make a habit of, it’s just a means of survival. Did I ever mention that when I was within my rights under NY State law and refused further visits from the worker (GLORIA ALLEN) I was threatened with arrest and other intimidation!

I’m currently looking for a Domestic Violence organization on Long Island or NYC that would be willing to help me with short-term safe housing, just until something more permanent comes through. The plan is to be out by the end of October. This takes great planning. I can’t just jump ship and leave. I don’t drive, I have no relatives or friends to take me in a day or two if necessary, I don’t have any money and I can’t risk ending up having to come back here once I leave.

I write this post as I tremble through what is now a 2-hour long screaming match. PTSD and chaos don’t match. I can’t call for help or there will be severe consequences that I’ve been repeatedly threatened with. I don’t even dare leave my bedroom for the rest of today or risk being pulled in and involved against my will. I’d do anything to just be able to get out of this house for a few hours, but I can’t even do that. I’m trapped. I’m trapped, scared and all I can do is pray I’ll find the right people to help me within a few weeks.

2 thoughts on ““We can’t help you!”

  1. I know your pain & frustration with these agencies, that a suppose to be able to help you. I too have run into more saying they can’t help me also. Then they wonder why there is so much mental health issues & suicide.

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