If you’d had a difficult time getting in touch with me, I do apologize. The past several weeks of extreme fatigue and mental fog have set me back quite a bit. I have to set alarms just to wake up to take medication and try to eat.

My neurologist’s office dropped the ball, so I did what I should have from the start and saw my PCP. She ordered the more comprehensive Lyme test. She said that aside from West Nile, a lot of tropical bugs hit this time of year, they’re just not exactly in the news. People who contract them likely assume they have the flu or some other familiar virus.

It's a miracle! Someone was able to draw from a vein in my arm!

I had started to have waves of fever and endless vomiting again last week, so I looked up the symptoms of early Lyme and my symptoms were just too similar. I called yesterday afternoon concerned, and she told me she’d wait and to come right in. I am so very thankful to have her as my doctor. I’d hate to have to move away and lose the few great medical professionals I have on my side. So, until the results come back, I hydrate rest and have direct orders to enjoy my weekend so, I’ve been coloring.

Work in progress. Colored with Sharpies.

Speaking of great medical professionals, my Nurse Practitioner at pain management has been so helpful and sincerely interested in understanding Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. I used to make jewelry for fun and recently started again. She always compliments the pieces I’ve made and with her birthday being in August, I decided to make her a birthstone bracelet and she put it on and chased me down the hall to show me. I’m so glad she liked it. I don’t have much, but I do enjoy giving when I can, especially when I know it will mean something to the person receiving it.

Peridot "dainty" bracelet I made for my NP.

I’ve been trying to return calls to people, especially the Rabbi I was put in touch with by a friend and I feel horrible for not being very reachable in the past few weeks, but I can’t catch a break. Last night, it was endo belly and abdominal pain so severe, I couldn’t think straight. I keep hoping that I’ll be feeling a lot better by Tuesday and catching up with everyone I should. If you’re one of those people, I haven’t forgotten you, I promise!

Meanwhile, my therapist thinks I’m falling apart and I just might be. I can’t tell what is this infection and what’s the stress of facing homelessness in the near future. I know I have no other choice, but the idea of a shelter situation is by no means ideal. With Complex PTSD, sometimes I don’t even know if I’m in control of my own mind. I’m just trying to stay focused and continue as planned.

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