More than a patient.

If you also deal with chronic, serious illness you can relate to title I like to use which is “professional patient.” Because of circumstances beyond our control, we must schedule our lives around things like physical therapy, surgery, relapse and of course, the constant doctor’s appointments. This even interferes with our ability to make a sort of decent living and have a career.

We are all more than our illness or disability, of course. Sadly, we sometimes have to give up the career we loved, the hobbies we enjoyed and even friendships/relationships. I don’t mention this for pity, but to point out, many of us feel we’re missing out or we’ve failed or other negative things. I’ve found I needed to replace the old with brand new.

I lost a lot of my favorite activities, but I’ve already discovered new interests and cherish the memories of fun things I can no longer do. I was a very active person and there’s no substitute for that, but I now still enjoy the outdoors, maybe even more so. I feel more connected to nature than ever before. I’ve also discovered some artistic talents I didn’t know I had. I keep small indoor succulent garden and tend to my aloe plants which are also useful in caring for my fragile skin!

I am so exited for the day to come when I have a place to live. I look forward to having a crafting area for my sewing machine. I look forward to maybe even having a pet. I look forward to having friends visit me to watch bad movies and play games. I look forward to taking online classes in my own quiet space.

I’m so much more than a patient, but I need to remind myself from time to time and I hope to share my interests and goals with you as much as I share my challenges. I’m very thankful to have thoughtful people reading my blog!

One thought on “More than a patient.

  1. Hello! My name is Annalee, from I’ve written a comment for this post to your dazzlingsbydani email, as it was longer and more private than I was willing to post here. Bless you! -Annalee


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