Extreme Fatigue

I have been so tired. I’m typically the person who can’t fall asleep with the tiniest bit of light or noise and last night, I apparently fell asleep with my 2 lamps on and a movie playing on the TV about 10 feet away. I don’t have much memory of the evening at all. The only reason I even know I showered at some point was because I awoke with a frizzy mess of damp hair!

Actually, most of yesterday is foggy. I’d been experiencing some confusion along with fatigue for a couple of weeks due to this virus, but this was much more severe. In fact I’m struggling to type this as my eyelids feel heavy and my arms and hands tingly. I finished my antivirals and I suddenly feel worse. It’s an odd coincidence!

I had my MRI on Thursday which I assume will come out perfectly fine, but again, I’m glad my neurologist covers all the bases. I need more comprehensive blood tests, but I figure I need rest more than I need the stress of seeing a strange doctor so I’m just going to leave it at that. As long as my brain in fine, I don’t think there’s a need for worry. It’s just like other viruses in that you just need to rest your body and let it do it’s job.

That said, I think a nap is in order!

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