I have depended on the MedicAlert service for over 15 years. They’re a crucial part of getting those with medical issues proper treatment and I support this non-profit for all they do.

My bracelet! I've had it since the start.

I have a problem with my own membership. I received a “final notice” that my membership fee was past due in May. I’m a little concerned with the possibility of not being able to communicate in an emergency and without an active account, medical professionals cannot access my vital info. As I’ve said before, I hate feeling beggy, but the truth is, I simply can’t gather enough to pay for even one year anymore. I used to have more support with paying for necessities, but this has changed very dramatically in the last year or so.

I can’t let this go any longer, especially with being so sick right now, so I’m asking for donations. No amount is too small! Please nothing over $10! I feel bad enough asking in the first place. Thank you for your help!

Dani's MedicAlert Membership Fund

Dani’s MedicAlert Membership Fund

Renewal notice from
Fees for membership from

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