West Nile Virus? Lyme Disease?

I finally got in with my neurologist yesterday afternoon regarding the head and neck pain, extreme fatigue, confusion, cold sweats,  body aches and nausea all seemingly precipitated by an attack by mosquitoes and some unknown tiny creature bites. She’s always very thorough, so I was hoping for a simple fix for my constant headache that began 2 weeks ago!

She did an exam, checked my eyes and neck and ordered blood work and a brain MRI as a precaution. She gave me a prescription for high dose antivirals with the suspicion being that this is indeed West Nile Virus. She also wanted me to follow up with infectious disease so the more
detailed and definitive tests could be ordered.

I just got back from the lab and CVS. I had to have the blood drawn before starting the antivirals, of course. Lucky for me, one of my favorite vampires (phlebotomists) was there today! I hadn’t seen Rob in a while and he’s always upbeat and nice to chat with. He graciously agreed to a selfie after I told him about this blog! It was so good to see you, Rob! I’ll be keeping you in my prayers for good health!

Rob and I cheesing it up!
I'm a hard stick, but he got the job done!

I came home after getting the antivirals, took my first dose and then called the infectious disease doc. No appointments until the end of September! If this is indeed Lyme, time is of the essence, people! I’m fact, it’s already getting late to start the treatment that could prevent it from becoming a lifelong disease! I called my neuro and left a message explaining this and asking them to call me and tell me what to do next. I’m also waiting on them to get authorization for the brain MRI and they are notorious for taking forever whilst other doctors have gotten while I sat there! Frustrating!

I’m simply too tired to figure this all out, so I just pray all involved get the job done so I can rest and hopefully be on the mend shortly. All I do is sleep and watch movies and now I’m completely terrified to spend time outside with this diagnosis hanging over my head. Thank goodness it’s way too hot anyway!

I’m supposed to get an important letter out right away regarding housing, but I can’t focus. I’m just too sick. How am I expected to handle all of this while something is attacking my body from every direction? Could you write a coherent letter if you had the flu? How about just getting through a typical day’s tasks while your head and neck throbbing all day and night?

I really could use some help, but I’m just going to take a well-deserved nap and try not to let this wear me down.

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