I’m still here!

Please excuse my absence. Ive had a lot going on, but absolutely no ability to write it out. I also received bad news about my shoulder and my depression has deepened.

First off, I hit another roadblock with housing, but did receive some advice from Supervisor Venditto’s office. I’ll try anything! I wish they could have helped, but at least I can say I tried… and keep trying!

It seems every time I intend to fill you all in on my new, odd symptoms, I fall asleep or just blank out. I’ve starting joking that a tsetse fly must’ve snuck in and given me African Sleeping Sickness, because I have been sleeping even more than I first reported in my post nearly 2 weeks ago! For example, I napped from 4pm-ish to about 10pm last night. I showered, took PM meds, brushed teeth and by midnight I was asleep again and didn’t wake until around 7am. If I got comfortable enough, I could fall asleep right now!

This extreme fatigue combined with neck pain and a four day long headache and loss of appetite have taken their toll. I also have these mysterious bumps on my face about an inch from a mosquito bite on my cheek.

Red, non-itchy bumps on neck.

Before all of these symptoms began, I had been feasted on by mosquitoes whilst trying to enjoy the sunshine. I always seem to attract every mosquito around and also react worse than the average person. Oddly enough, these all pieced together could be West Nile Virus or something similar. My neurologist wasn’t thrilled that I refused to go to the ER, but agreed to see me before hours on Tuesday. I just want my neck and head to stop hurting! It never lets up!

When I am awake, I’ve been working on jewelry and some sewing projects with the hope of opening my Etsy shop by mid-September! I’m excited about the designs I’ve come up with and pray this will help me raise much-needed funds to pay for my past due Medicalert and other expenses!


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