I started to rest a lot after my shoulder started acting up. I didn’t want to be tempted to use my arms too much. I think the pain was just plain wearing me out! The thing is, I’m still constantly tired. Granted, I get up early regardless of my schedule, but I’ve been falling asleep as early as 10:30 and that’s after either napping or spending much of my day in bed.

Am I just dealing with the symptoms of depression or is it the pain or something else entirely? I’ve been forgetful as well. I am behind on several projects and things that really need to get done. By the time I remember, days have passed and all I can recall is sleeping.

My appetite is also gone which could also be pain or depression. I can’t tell. The only think appealing is sugar and I’ve always found sugar soothing to my system. I had intentions to detox a bit and make healthy smoothies, but I physically can’t even do it now. It’s unfortunate, because that would be an easier way to force down some nutrition.

It’s all really a vicious circle. These things all contribute to each other and exacerbate the other symptoms. My mood has become even lower with the news from my MRI. I feel trapped here even more so. Trapped in this house and this body. I’d do anything to escape. I wish I could just pick up and leave. I wish that more than anything.


One thought on “Oversleeping

  1. I have experienced debilitating depression and the one recommendation that helped me was to do one thing (no matter ow tiny) each day that I don’t want to do. I know that what you are dealing with is much worse but, maybe that will help….sending positive vibes xoxoxo!

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