Scary fall. Help!

Last night, I took one scary, seemingly never-ending fall down the stairs. Thank G-d my injuries seem to only be fairly minor!

I like to shower before bed. Showering and drying my hair wears me out, so doing it at night helps me have more stamina the next day. I also like to go to bed feeling clean. I really sleep better that way. I went to take just such a shower before getting ready for bed when it happened. I grabbed a clean towel and was about to go downstairs to the only full bathroom in this house. My legs felt their normal weird way, I took one step downward and hit about half of the eleven remaining on the way down. I couldn’t stop it. I described it to a friend as feeling as if someone wrapped me up from head to toe or I was temporarily paralyzed, so I couldn’t break my fall. As it was happening all I could think was “why can’t I stop this? Why won’t my arms and legs stop me?” and then felt fear. What only lasted a couple of seconds felt like several minutes. At first, I couldn’t get myself up. My body still not responding to what my brain was telling it.

I have a hematoma on my butt that is like sitting on a hard, painful rock and my shoulders and right hip and arm took the brunt of it. When I woke today, my neck was very sore. That scares me enough to call my neurologist on Monday. Aside from that, I’m my own best nurse at the moment, so I’m in bed with ice packs and a lot of healing rest for the weekend.

I’m now so afraid of continuing to have to live here. I’ve been warned for years that even a much more minor fall could leave me permanently paralyzed because of my existing spinal deformity. That’s what scared me into using my rollator (walker) as prescribed. I should be making use of my wheelchair on a daily basis, but again, no one to push my manual chair and lack of accessible housing means my power chair collects dust here.

This house really is going to kill me. If only someone would do what’s right and help me get an accessible living situation. I’d do anything! I don’t want to die or end up even more severely disabled. Please help me. Please, if you’re reading this and have a voice that matters more than mine, I’m so desperate. Please speak up for me. If you can, please reblog, post this to your Facebook, Twitter or other social media. I really need help and I don’t know where to turn.

9 thoughts on “Scary fall. Help!

  1. Reblogged this on effingfibro and commented:
    Can anyone give this zebra a hand, please? I’m sure she’d appreciate it very much, and sounds like she’s really struggling.

    Hope you’re feeling a bit better, Z…..falls can be very un-nerving. Rest up and look after yourself.

    L. X


  2. Hey hun, sorry about the fall! It is so frightening when our bodies don’t work the way they are supposed to. Trust me, I know. I have some thoughts on your housing issue. Since I don’t know exactly what your circumstances are because my eyes aren’t as good as they used to be. It hurts to read a lot.

    Federal law mandates that housing MUST be accessible but does not make the landlords accountable for the modifications. Is there a youth group, church, community group that would build the things you need? (Ramp etc) I know that here in my community, we have craftsmen who donate the time and materials to elderly and handicapped individuals. Do you have a Housing and Urban Development place in your area? They might be able to hook you up with accessible housing.

    Where would you be needing to go for medial treatment? I know I have to take my youngest son to a doctor across town for his treatments which is a three hour, one way, bus ride. It SERIOUSLY sucks not having a vehicle.

    It might mean moving to a larger city, costly I know but if you need treatment that you can’t otherwise get…. Have you looked at the United Way? They have a helpline here in my city that connects people with community services that could help.

    I can’t do much from Colorado but, I CAN use the computer so if you ever need an ear, get me a message and I’l see what I can do 🙂


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