Overdid it… As usual!

Chicken Piccata alla Dani

Yesterday, I made my own version of Chicken Piccata. A healthy, butter and starch-free version (I made it up, but I can post the recipe if anyone would like it!). The parents both loved it and just requested more sauce next time. Next time? Oh, I don’t think that’ll happen until I’m in my own place and in my power wheelchair!

I used to cook and bake a lot. I especially enjoy baking. I get that from my father. He has a sweet tooth, but baking skills to match. I just tend to make healthier versions when it’s just for myself. I miss baking for others. This past Fall, I did get talked into making about 18 [smallish] pumpkin breads, which is always a crowd-pleaser! My dad wanted to bring some to share with friends in his veterans organization and my sweet neighbor Gladys always gets a delivery of whatever I bake! Mmmm, pumpkiny goodness!

My great-grandfather was a highly acclaimed French chef. Both of my parents cook well and my grandmother taught me some Russian recipes growing up. (I wish I could remember more of what she taught me)! So, it seems it’s in the genes. My little niece liked when I prepared her meals here. She’d actually demand her poor crippled auntie make her food, but I was more than happy for that little sweetie! She had quite the palate as young as 2 and I taught her to love healthy snacks like yogurt, apples with honey and nuts. She’s truly one of the family, though. She loves her candy, too!

I digress. The point I was getting at in telling you all of this is that I can no longer do so much of what I once loved and I think it’s only getting worse. No hiking, cycling nor yoga, I understand. My other hobbies are far less demanding on my body, but have become more trouble than they’re often worth. I love to write, I always have. Same with reading and some crafts, but they even have their drawbacks. Dislocating thumbs, torn skin, difficulty concentrating… things no young person should worry about. I installed a new router for my dad today, and I manged several cuts and bruises and I have no idea how! I’m in a lot of pain throughout my body, so no laundry will get done and I’ll now be up most the night because I had to take a breakthrough pain pill. They seem to mess with my circadian rhythms.

My hand this afternoon. Mysterious injuries.

I ask this every so often of my friends, but maybe my new blogging friends here have some ideas I haven’t thought of for hobbies? I hope you do! Please share, even if you aren’t sure it’s something I can do. Keep my lack of funds in mind! Free or low cost is best!

Oh, and my toe is healing well. The staph infection has gone and I go back for a recheck 7/1! Thanks for the thoughts and prayers!


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