C.diff? Just my luck!

I’m about 90% sure the Duricef I was prescribed for what is likely a staph infection in my toe has resulted in a mild case of C.diff. Last night was awful and I’m still experiencing intense pains in my abdomen and back. It’s a FML moment for sure.

I sucked down a pouch of applesauce and managed my way out to the garage to gather some Gatorade just a little while ago. Other than the pain and a major dehydration headache, I’m OK. Just a bit dizzy and annoyed as today was to be one of planning my inevitable escape from my current environment. I got some numbers from my NYLAG connection and I had replenished my forever packed bag at the end of last week.

It seems I’m trapped in my bedroom prison until I can function normally and feel well enough that I won’t just land myself in the ER within 36 hours. For now, I’m writing, planning and resting. My health, again holds me captive.


3 thoughts on “C.diff? Just my luck!

  1. I’m so sorry to hear this. Take care & praying that you feel better soon! It seems like you just can’t catch a break!


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