Another catastrophe!

Boy, was I right about all my medical issues being overly dramatic! The infected toe I thought the doc would clean and prescribe antibiotics for, ended up requiring surgery on the spot!

Injections caused brusing
Waiting to get started.

My doc wanted to avoid this because of notorious poor wound healing in patients with neuropathy (I don’t have much sensation in my feet at all), but felt it was severe enough that it could quickly spread up my leg. So, I was prepped and given several injections of local anesthetic. I was so not expecting this, so when he left to let the drugs kick in, I downed a triple dose of anti-anxiety medication so as not to go all vasovagal and pass out (yes, I’ve even managed to go unconscious whilst laying down).

Once he cut in, he didn’t see quite as much infection as he suspected, but was still certain surgery was the way to go. I was buzzed and he gave me an extra local, so I was snapping pics and posting to instagram during the procedure. His assistant, Brittany noted how well I was handling it, but my gosh, so much blood! 💪💊💉🔪


He took a culture to identify the infection (my bet is on staphylococcus) and also took a biopsy of the strange tissue present (I’ve seen it before when my finger became severely infected with staph and the dumbass plastic surgeon called it a wart. Moron). He’s so very thorough and knowledgeable, so his eccentricities, I’m now sure are a product of genius. I am sure of it.

Culture and biopsy after removal.

I see him for a recheck tomorrow. He wants to see me every few days to ensure its healing well since it was a risk. In the meantime, I apply iodine and new dressings twice a day. Also,  two weeks of Duricef, an oral antibiotic.

Right now, I’m really hurting. Ever since the anesthetic wore off, Ive been having painful tingling to the point of lightheadedness and sharp stabbing pains from time to time. All I can do is pop acetaminophen as needed and rest. I feel awful and quite helpless.

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