Surprise! It’s infected!

It really does often feel like my body gets hit by atomic bombs instead of typical illness! Last week, my notoriously paper-thin toenails were in need of filing, so I did so. Unfortunately, I accidentally peeled away part of my right big toenail leaving it exposed. I’m used to this occurring, so I cleaned it up and didn’t give it a second thought. It hadn’t even bled. I suppose I should know better by now, because not until a few days later did I notice something wasn’t right when I slammed my foot into my bed frame. Instant stars, it hurt so much! Upon inspection, it clearly needed some care afterall, so I did the whole wound care routine and the pain subsided for the most part, until yesterday when just putting a shoe on hurt. I don’t normally have full sensation in that area of my feet, so it would be easy for such a thing to go unnoticed. I now realize I should take a look at my feet at least a few times a week to avoid things getting this bad.

Right now, the pain hasn’t spread, nor is there any swelling or discoloration unlike my experience with a staph infection in my finger a few years ago. I thought it had been improving, but finally admitted to my stubborn self that I needed to have it looked at. There’s a knowledgeable podiatrist who fit me for my custom orthotics and I remember it being fairly easy to get an appointment with him. He’s in Saturdays, but the soonest availability is Monday. I can tough it out. Clearly, I rather lose a toe than go to the ER about it and that’s no exaggeration. I figure a week of antibiotics and I’ll be healed up until the next bizarre, overly dramatic health crisis!

I’m doing Epsom soaks and other things I was taught by wound care in the past. Any suggestions to help the pain? It’s making me nauseous!

BTW, I created a page in my blog menu and I’ll link it here since it relates to this post. I’m really in need of gauze pads at the moment. Supplies Needed

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