F*ck all lawyers!

Oh yes, this is a rant. It’s about the personal injury case that has interfered with my life for nearly 4 years now. Oh, and discussing it here is a big no-no! I’m not posting here to discuss the injury that ended my career as an esthetician. I have been holding in my disdain for my incompetent attorney for just as long. This arrives today:

Letter today from paralegal. Sorry, I don't know how to resize or crop on this yet.

I found a single email and despite no phone, I check my voicemail daily either way, and my call log on the phone is regularly looked over. The email was dated 5/13. John and I spoke after that!! So here’s the exact email I just sent him:

I really don’t appreciate the tone of your letter. I spoke with John less than 2 week ago and he made no mention of this, and I’ve received no calls from your office since. Please ask John to drop his attitude and attempt to be straightforward with me.

The only information I have for each of them is the same you can look up in the white pages as I’ve stated previously. If I had further info, you’d have had it 3 years ago.
This just shows how much care about my case. (Name withheld for privacy) has married and changed her last name, but to what, I do not have knowledge. I will look at public records online to see if I can obtain that information.

John, I’m sick of the rollercoaster of how you view my case. Last summer, we were to be setting a trial date for September/October, then I can’t get in touch with you until recently! If you had given me information as it came in, I’d already have an answer for you on how to proceed. Let me know now what your plans are and what you plan to work to have happen and perhaps we can move this along. I have things like homelessness to worry about right now, and details we’ve already gone over repeatedly are the least of my concern.

If only you knew how much information he has withheld from me, inability to reach him for months, flat out lies and unnecessarily personal intrusions, you’d understand my obnoxious response.  I’ve had enough. I’m jumping ship. Give whatever pennies you get to my next of kin, because I’m disappearing off the radar. I’m glad my phone is dead. This is the exact break I need. I’m done. I’ve said ‘peace out’ and dropped the mic, you dumb MFer!


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