Looking to sell your stuff? Wanna help a girl out?

This isn’t exactly off-topic given I’ve shared a lot about my extremely limited finances!

Use my code “JFTCPR” to join Mercari and get $5 off your first purchase! http://www.mercariapp.com/dl/

Without the code, neither of us will receive the $5. I signed up without having a referral code and missed out! *It will go back down to $2 again in a few days!*

I only recommend apps and sites I have extensive experience with. Mercari is great for buying and selling and most prices negotiable. There’s also buyer protection and they don’t take a cut! Please use my code above when you start an account or you won’t get the free $2! It’s free to use, so even if you just sign up to help me out, that would be awesome!

Another of my favorite sites for selling my gently used clothes, toys, crafting supplies, shoes, etc is Swap. It’s a consignment shop great for families as it started as a mom and baby/kid consignment. The take the photos, you set the price! You can swap for items you want or sell your items. I’ve had great success with both.
Here is a direct link to my available items. There will be more added next week as I just shipped a ton of stuff to them which should be listed soon.

Like beauty products? Disappointed by Ipsy? Try GlossyBox!



Great place for deals from small businesses and items at major discounts. You can even be a vendor if you have a shop! Signing up for free or using my referral code are both immensely helpful! Click here.


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