Money Stolen From Me! Please Help!

Maybe someone reading can help. I’ve reached out to Internet Crimes, Shopify, BBB and the singer in question, personally. The only result has been an “F” rating on BBB and a barrage of attacks from fans of this singer when I gently informed her directly via instagram that this happened. She told me it was “not (her) problem” and to leave her mother (manager) out of it. PayPal refused to step in as time had run out.

Here’s all the info:

I decided to treat myself to something nice since I came across a promotional deal from the singer Jamie Grace’s official website. I ordered a hoodie and tote set with her inspirational lyrics and a necklace. In total, I paid $55 via PayPal with my credit card. I received an e-mail with the Jamie Grace logo from which contained a detailed receipt of my purchase (screenshot below). It noted that orders can take a little while to ship, this is why I waited patiently, responded to this e-mail after a few weeks and didn’t contact PayPal until  I felt fair and sufficient time had passed. In the end, $55 was stolen from me in a scam. Yes, Jamie Grace Harper likely hired someone to handle her merchandise sales, but there is no trace of these people and no mention of them on the merchandise site when I checked about a week after placing my order. In the end, Jamie Grace is responsible for the fraud/theft/con/scam. I love her music, but I haven’t been able to listen to a single song without breaking down in tears over this. It feels like betrayal and her lyrics do not match the rudeness and threats that came from her! I still can’t believe it!

Any ideas on what else I could possibly do? I was shocked that she was so rude to me and let her fans call me nasty names for inquiring about the situation I was suddenly stuck in. I’ve tried everything I possibly can on my own.

Obviously, I didn’t have this money to spare, but her music had inspired and uplifted me at the time and I just wanted something positive, pretty and functional!

If you chose to e-mail Jamie Grace or her manager, Mona Harper, please don’t be rude. That doesn’t get us anywhere. I’d love if you’d contact them on my behalf, but please be respectful. There’s no need to stoop to that level to get this resolved. We’re all clearly better than that. You can also share my blog with them if you feel that would be helpful. I’ve tried so many times and was completely ignored. I could really use your help. I even said that I just wanted the merchandise I ordered, but apparently it isn’t available. $55 didn’t seem like much to most, but that can help me get to doctor’s appointments or pay for items insurance doesn’t cover or even just buy other items I’m in need of. I’m so close to losing everything. I don’t see how returning $55 is such a big issue. PLEASE HELP ME!

Screenshots and Contact info: – website contact form – fan mail e-mail address – manager’s e-mail adddress – manager

Order confirmation email
Order confirmation email
Initial confirmation email
Initial confirmation email
Checkout screen
Checkout screen
Complaint filed with BBB. No response.
Complaint filed with BBB. No response.

my full complaint posted on the Atlanta BBB site after they did not get a response from Jamie Grace

fan contact imfo


7 thoughts on “Money Stolen From Me! Please Help!

  1. This happened to me with SA merchandise guy over a 25 dollar tee shirt and with Jewel Kilcher merchandise team over a returned tee shirt that was too small. I lost about 50 dollars too. Noone helped. SAT just never replied back about it and Jewel’s team said they never got the tee back? Sometimes you have to chalk it up to there are mean people and sometimes good people have bad people handling their merchandise sales! I feel the later is what happened to me on both counts. I hope you get your money back!!!!


  2. I wish I had a solution for you…I experienced the internet rip off only once, about 9 years ago on eBay/paypal. I think I was able to recover the loss through paypal….it was a long time ago. I hope you recover your loss….


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