Seeking your input!

I’ve been fortunate to meet many other chronically ill and disabled people my age online. It’s something I lack offline. I’ve received support and advice from many of these amazing people. I’d like to invite you, whether you have your own blog or not, to contribute to an upcoming blog. I’m looking for a paragraph or two sharing your struggles, advice/tips, triumphs, or a bit about your particular condition and how it effects your daily life. I’d like to compile a these and give our healthy peers a peak into the lives that are a mystery to most of them. If you’d like to participate, please comment or e-mail me. I’d like to post the first group at the start of May.

I also want to ask my readers what they’d like to read about here. I try to avoid being repetitive or throwing too much medical stuff at you because, well, that gets tedious to read! And probably depressing.

Is there a topic I’ve touched on that you’d like to read more about? Do you have a specific question for me? Would you like more information about any of my medical issues or other aspects of my life? All requests and suggestions are greatly appreciated! Don’t be shy! I want my blog to be more than me just simply venting.

Please comment away!

7 thoughts on “Seeking your input!

  1. If you would like, I could give you something for a future blog. But I would have to also agree with the comment above me, keep venting. It’s healthy.The readers that will want to stay, will stay. I know I won’t go anywhere 🙂

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