Money and Trust

They say the number one reason marriages go downhill is financial issues. I get that. In fact, I left the man I was sure I’d marry, due to his lack of financial responsibility. I never needed a rich partner, just a responsible and reasonable spender. I don’t think that was asking too much.

My greatest personal worry has always been money. Since my first real job at Gap at age 16, I have been a saver and only spending the least amount possible each month. I didn’t even get a cell phone due to the expense until I was almost 22! I always had a very healthy savings account.
That is, until I could no longer work and the expense of going back to school left me with the minimum $5 in my savings account and barely getting by on the four-hundred and some odd dollars per month in SSI.

I am still very careful with money, even budgeting my foodstamps and using coupons whenever possible. My cell phone bill, Prime membership and MedicAlert are my largest bills. I had to forego the latter for several months when my very basic smart phone needed replacement. If I was able to drive, I’d never afford gas, nevermind a car payment! My SSI runs out fast. Toothpaste, shampoo, occaisional clothes, aquaphor, ace wraps, bandaids, etc. I still have yet to get new contacts because although my vision sucks without them, I can’t manage to save that much at once. Same goes for a tablet or laptop. My phone is my computer! Thank goodness for that!

The few early birthday goodies I bought for myself were with money made purely from selling things I no longer need or simply don’t have the room for (see my last post for my items for sale)! I do hope to find housing very soon with your help, perhaps?

I am very lucky my wheelchairs and rollator (walker) were fully covered by insurance. Now I just need that accessible home to use them in.

Speaking of which, the paralegal at NYLAG has been working to get information for me, but it seems she’s missing the two major issues and finances are a biggie. Sending me lease applications for twice what I receive in a month is not helpful. I don’t blame her, I believe she wasn’t fully briefed on my situation. I plan to fill her in, but I’ve been having another rough week so far and I can’t organize my thoughts at the moment.

I thought they understood moving needs to happen now. If I must go to a homeless shelter, I will do so, but please get information on the process so that Irs effective and air don’t put myself in a scary spot just to end up back in this house.

I desperately need some sound advice and guidance right now. The longer I live here, the faster my health deteriorates and that just leads to yet more expenses.

I keep praying for some angel of a person to cone across this blog and be able to assist me with getting housing or at least guiding me in the right direction this time. I’m so fearful the next plan will fail as things did with Adult Protective Services. I’m not sure I can trust the advice of the most well-intentioned, knowledgeable person. I need reassurance.

There is still always hope.


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