I was recently asked in a comment about my personal faith. I know this can be a touchy subject and I won’t be surprised if one or two people never read my posts again because they find my beliefs inaccurate or incorrect. I understand that reaction, but what I always remind myself is, the person is a fellow human first and foremost and who am I to judge? Although I tend to be open-minded and believe all faiths are legitimate (aside from Scientology, don’t get me started), I’ve caught myself doing just that.

For some background, my parents are interfaith. My mother growing up Catholic and my dad Protestant (French Huguenot ancestry). I went to a Lutheran nursery school and VBS, both of which I loved. Sadly, my mother insisted I go to religious education from K-7 in the Catholic Church near our house. There, I suffered ritual abuse and regularly shunned in front of the class (by the parents who ‘taught’ and the church staff) for not having two Catholic parents! Anyway, once I broke free of that, I started going to a youth group and then Sunday service at an Assemblies of God or “born again” church. I much preferred this style of worship and ability to ask questions and discuss Scripture. Things fell apart at this particular church and a few years later I convinced my dad to go to the church he grew up in with me. It was nice. I joined the choir my very first time there and met people who knew my grandmother well (she died nearly a decade before I was born). I’d still go back to service there on occaision if I could.

In learning more of the Jewish roots of Christianity in the A/G church, I began to find an interest in who Jesus was, what He believed and felt that if He was my savior, I should be doing the same. In the past 3 years or so, I’ve really embraced that way of practicing my faith. I consider myself Messianic or Hebraic. I’m learning Hebrew. I pray and celebrate the sabbath in traditional Jewish ways. I don’t recognize Christmas as the Messiah’s birthday and I put a lot more importance on what He lived and died for, than His birthday.

With Passover beginning, I wish I knew others to celebrate this time with and have Seder. Passover is a time of miracles and trusting in G-d’s plan and protection for all of us. I really love the customs involved in the celebration of Passover.

I may sound like a giant contradiction, but if you consider the things I have thought endlessly about, you might see this as making perfect sense. Either way, it doesn’t really matter to me whether you agree or not. I just ask that whatever your faith, please keep me in your prayers and thoughts, and if you can do one other thing it would be to show some extra kindness to someone today. In fact, comment and tell me if you indeed did so and how you felt about it. I’m curious to see what impact you make or reaction you get. I hope only good things! Shalom, G-d Bless and Chag Sameach!

4 thoughts on “Faith

  1. I love this post…I don’t think than any one “religion” is what God meant us to follow. I think that most of us (if we are totally honest) have a big mix of what God has led us to believe! I don’t know much about the Jewish faith, but love that you are following God in the way YOU feel most comfortable with!


  2. are you looking for a Messianic group ? this is one that I found thats in Manhatten and they would probably know of some closer to you. I think the church has lost a great deal by disconnecting from their Jewish roots. Also I feel for your journey with ED- I have a friend who has it and she has/is going through some really tough situations. oh and thanks for following my blog! you were the very first visitor- have done some major updates since then!


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