Housing Advice

Today, I met with three people with NYLAG in their mobile legal help center. This had been a free service set up by my State Senator, Jack Martins. My dad is on the senator’s e-mail list and found out about this for me. Although my issue isn’t primarily legal, they mentioned housing in the notice posted.

I was the first appointment of the day and wasn’t sure what to expect. I filled out a form and then met with two of gentlemen volunteering for the day. They seemed genuinely concerned and wanting to help. After going over my living situation and the obstacles I’ve been dealing with finding wheelchair accessible, safe housing, they felt the director of the program could offer some help in gathering information.

This woman really felt for my situation and also genuinely seemed concerned and offered advice for now and planned to get in touch with others at NYLAG that may have information that would help us devise a plan. Not all of her ideas were ones I’m particularly comfortable with, but I’ll deal with that when I get there if at all. I rather not say what was proposed quite yet, but it would basically lead to ties being cut from one or both of my parents. That’s not what I want, but she had a very valid point.

I was honestly worried they’d say they couldn’t help and that this isn’t their area of expertise, but I think they’ll at least gather some resources for me. These resources will likely be in NYC since that is their main client focus. That’s actually a good thing because Nassau County has very little available to disabled residents, even falling far behind Suffolk County! The city has the same crappy social services system I deal with here, but they have a lot more programs, organizations and specialized assistance available to the public – if you reside in the boroughs of NYC, that is.

I’m praying so hard that they’ll devise a plan or two or just come up with one viable option to getting accessible housing sooner than later. My body and mind are both adversely effected by my living situation and I don’t know how much longer I can wait.

One thought on “Housing Advice

  1. Oh, Sweetie, I’m so happy to hear that there might be a light at the end of the tunnel! I’ll be praying that something wonderful & awesome will come from these contacts! Hugs & lots of love to you!


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