On Fridays I get dressed

It’s true! The one day of the week I will force myself out of pajamas or sweats and out to appointments. Hair did and all!

I had back-to-back appointments with my therapist, internist and then had to pick up prescriptions. My therapist and I further discussed my plans regarding the hospital from hell. She said to be proud of myself. I just don’t want them to get away with abuse and denying people their civil rights in the future. If my horrid treatment can help that, then I have to come forward. There’s no question.

My internist is always a pleasure to see, even when I’m sick! She’s been my PCP for over 15 years and her daughter and I have the same first name and nickname. She decided not to torture me with a blood draw, wrote a letter needed for my new SPA housing application and just wants me back in a few months to check in. She also suggested another neurologist at Winthrop Hospital, so I’ll look into that when I’m doing a little better psychologically. I appreciate her following my case. At least she’s trying.

On a lighter note, I got some makeup goodies at CVS when I went to get my prescriptions. I had a 30% off coupon and NYX was on sale. I needed a treat after all the saving I’ve been doing. Luckily, you can use SNAP at CVS, so after that, I grabbed some essentials that were on sale. Yes, sales and coupons are necessary on food stamps if you want to get quality items. Anyone who does grocery shopping knows prices add up quickly! I just haven’t mastered which stores will allow me to put it all in one transaction and pay for the non food items seperately rather than two seperate checkouts, but I’m making it work.

My lippie haul from today!

It felt good to get out of the house today. I have been avoiding it because of the physical difficulties of navigating outside, but the snow is finally melted and although no sunshine today, the fresh air did some good.

4 thoughts on “On Fridays I get dressed

  1. I pay for everything in on checkout. You just use your ebt/snap card first and then it will have a balance for the non covered items. Maybe it’s different in each state but it’s always been that way here.

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    • Thanks for letting me know. I can do that at the supermarket, but some stores can’t handle it unless you have cash payments as well, which I don’t. I’m surprised by some stores that will accept ebt but not SNAP and the employees don’t realize there’s a difference! Aggravating!

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