Pain and noise

Excuse my furry neck.

I have still been avoiding doctor’s appointments, but I went to pain management yesterday. The office is within the hospital and I hate going there, but I love my nurse practitioner! She’s a very kind and caring person and when I asked for a few trigger point injections yesterday, she was happy to oblige. I used to have them done regularly years ago before I knew my neck was as bad as it is.

It was a good thing I forgot that they can be torture! She had such good aim, I felt at least two of them throughout my body! She offered more, but I had to decline. I wanted to jump out of my own skin from the nerves all reacting! I went home, iced my neck and rested.

Today, I am so sore! I have bruising and it feels like someone stomped on the back of my head! I guess the anesthetic can only do so much! I might just be the TPIs helping, but I’m going to woman up and have a few done next time just to see.

My mood has been so low, my pain fairly high and I can’t get to sleep at a decent hour. Not for lack of trying. My dad is in the next room and makes so much noise! He stays up until at least 2am every night and if not the TV, it’s his music or the rolling of his desk chair, or sharpening a pencil, or grumbling back to the people on TV or whatever else he can come up with. I’m up by 7am whether I want to be or not, but I’m respectful and considerate. In fact, I skulk around like a cat for my first few hours of the day!

The other downside is that I can’t get writing done for therapy, rest or read because it’s constantly noisy. How two human beings can create so much noise is beyond me! I like it quiet. I find it rude to play the radio in the car if you’re also wanting to talk to me. I have very sensitive hearing and it can be distracting in those situations. I simply can’t concentrate on your words! It’s partly why I hate talking on the phone.

I’ve put off going back to school online for a degree I can use disabled, because I’d never be able to get my work done. In college, I used to stay on campus a few extra hours on class days to study and do homework in college because of this! I can’t get any peace. Oh, and I won’t even start on the fighting I have to listen to!

I’m incredibly unhappy here. My life is on hold and my body is suffering. I need to find housing somehow.


6 thoughts on “Pain and noise

      • Hmmmm…….I’ll have to see what model my dad has. I tried them, and they were fantastic. Have you tried the kind used at shooting ranges to protect ears? I’m not sure they cancel the noise, but they reduce it a lot. I have used them in movie theaters for my girl who has sensitive hearing.


    • I wish it were that simply. I can’t drive, so I’d have to reserve an AbleRide trip at least a day before (and pay the fare). I’d like to plan a day a week to do so when I’m doing a little better. Thanks so much for reading and caring! Dani


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