Injury of the week

Buddy taped fingers

I sure am glad I know some basic first aid. I was settling into bed early last night, just putting on my pajamas and I dislocated and sprained my right index finger. I saw stars!

I realized I was only likely to make things worse, so I buddy taped it to the next finger so I wouldn’t aggravate it in my sleep. Later on, sick of the tape, I created a makeshift splint from my excess supply of Ace Wraps. Much more comfortable and still in place as of now!


I haven’t had much pain since, thankfully. I’m so glad I can avoid the ER for this sort of thing. Again, they clearly don’t care. They also run the risk of worsening my condition due to their refusal to acknowledge a rare disease.

I’m a little annoyed to be without full use of my fingers, but I can still write and managed to get dressed and to therapy this morning. I hope to have the means for silver ring splints to be fitted sooner rather than later. I’m terrified of permanently losing use of any part of my hands!

Now to rest and try to think of therapist-ordered self-care and self-soothing for the weekend. I’d greatly appreciate any suggestions! I miss the says where I could take a walk or go to the gym!


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