How Instagram Changed My Life


It did! I deleted my personal Facebook a few years ago after much family drama and honestly, believing if someone wants to know what I’m going through, they should have to contact me, not lurk! As for Twitter, I love it, but a lot has changed since I started there and the sense of community faded. I used Twitter for beauty reviews, skin care tips, etc. I’m trying to get back into it, but it feels different and I can’t jump back on as easily for some reason.

Then came Instagram. I finally left the stone age and got a smart phone and an affordable plan with MetroPCS after years of Verizon sucking me dry (I hate Verizon for various reasons). I started a small private account which I’ve since abandoned as I started feeling comfortable no longer being practically anonymous when I started Dazzlings. At first, my current account was created with the idea of more beauty stuff and my hand stitched and other crafty creations. I hope to get that going again, btw!

In a few short years, I’ve made actual friendships and lovely acquaintances that I hope will become friends, too! After sharing this blog with several of you, the outpouring has touched me so deeply. I even made local friends, Sheila and Carmen. I can’t wait to hang out with them! I’m really happy to find local friends like them, and then I also text with Ashley who I can relate to so well. I’m grateful for so many of you, I could go on and on!

I don’t consider anyone a “follower.” These people are my buddies/friends/pals and we share interests, hobbies, struggles, laughter, beliefs and so much more.

I really can’t even express how much all these ladies mean to me. I am blessed and lucky and want you all to know, you are in my heart and I appreciate you greatly. G-d bless you all for being genuine, caring and kind!


Quite a few people have asked if they can send me something or give me money. I feel really weird accepting money and I can’t directly do so because of my SSI, but if you’d like to help me with some items I can use but can’t necessarily afford, I have started an Amazon WishList. It is also permanently posted to my “About Me” page.
ZebraCourage Amazon Wishlist

4 thoughts on “How Instagram Changed My Life

  1. You are an amazing inspiration.I think we first met over broken nail polish from the Groupon deal and ever since then I enjoy your feed and now your blog. I still Thu k I want to put you in a bubble and keep you safe. Love ya!


    • Stacey! Yes, exactly! And the day that happened, i had only met a few nice people and i knew from your page we’d get on well!! You have the best sense of humor and you’re genuinely caring! My love and thanks to you always!


  2. Read most of your articles. Having been previously unaware of Ehlers, I am grateful for the education, astonished at the ignorance of the medical community and grateful for the opportunity to pray with and for you. Blessings and Shalom!!


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