ER 2015 #2

Syosset ER

Yes, I was in the ER at Syosset Hospital this past Friday afternoon. I meant to have my Liebster post up by then, but I still have some links to add and revisions to make. Soon, I promise.

This all began Thursday night around dinner time. I eat with my left and noticed my left pinky was sort of numb. I took a shower around 8:30, and by then the pins and needles sensation had spread to my middle finger and my hand looked blue/red and blotchy. My head was also pounding. This is when I started to worry. I wasn’t too concerned, but did think it could be a blood clot and called a few medical pro friends and the covering doctor for my internist. All didn’t seem all that worried, but all did advise a trip to the ER. As I was going to be at the hospital the next afternoon, I decided to wait it out and hopefully sleep before having to deal with ER nonsense.

My hand around 9pm Friday.

I made it to my pain management appointment and Donna, my nurse practitioner was also concerned, called down to the ER and sent me off. She said a head CT should be done as she was also worried about stroke/blood clot.

Given an ice pack for my neck which didn't hurt! Used it for my head.

Very long story a bit shorter, I was treated horribly by the nurse (Ellen Blank) and attending physician (Rosetta Grella) assigned to me, intimidated into accepting a shot of Toradol and my previous TIA and recent chest pain quite rudely dismissed. I was discharged with a diagnonsense of pinched nerve in my neck. The upside is, my headache vastly improved and the neck CT revealed more damage than the previous MRI (good to know so that I can address it properly now).

Waiting to be taken to CT.

I felt nauseated upon arriving home, but took a warm, relaxing shower (Yay for shower chairs), hydrated as best I could and took my bedtime meds. Not too long after, I was violently vomiting and heaving along with diarrhea and abdominal pain. In between trips to the bathroom (and before passing out on the floor of my bedroom), I read this was an adverse reaction to Toradol I was never told about. About five or six hours of this hell before the anti-emetic prescription I always keep on hand kicking in and ending the wretching!

Toradol side effects

It’s now Monday afternoon and I feel very weak, dizzy and my neck and stomach muscles hate me with a passion. Today, I should’ve made an appointment with a cardiologist, scheduled my knee injections and made it to therapy, but I could barely sit up until a few hours ago.

Ultimately, the ER doc knew nothing about Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and didn’t want to take me seriously. Yes, there’s likely a big knot in my neck, but my fingers were no longer numb by the time my puking began which contradicts her diagnonsense. One day I will go to the ER for something truly life threatening and is this what I can plan to expect? Sadly, yes. I would die before they’d take any action. This fact terrifies me.

When I die, it will be the fault of a doctor just like this one!


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