Special: Upcoming Blogs

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As I have been searching high and low for resources for myself, I thought I’d do a few special posts to hopefully help others like me find the information they need. Both the government and hospitals sure make it difficult to access what you’re looking for!

I’d also love your input or even a guest blog post on a topic you have experience with dealing with such as: finding specialists in your area, traveling for consults, managing life in a wheelchair, getting benefits you’re entitled to, knowing your rights for housing and employment… pretty much anything related to living with a disability on a low income. If you’re interested or have something you wrote that I can reblog, please let me know!

My next planned post of this kind is about SNAP (food stamps). I rely on them due to my extremely low income and I’ve gathered information on applying, how and where to use them and related information I hope will help others navigate the SNAP program.

If you have suggestions or would like to share your story or information, please comment below or contact me directly at: ZebraCourage@yahoo.com.

I look forward to hearing from you! We really do need to stick together snd share information!


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