Today I got yet another letter demanding my presence at Social Security BEFORE 2/5. I was just there in the Fall. Nothing has changed financially aside from more medical bills and nothing changed medically aside from things worsening. I can’t possibly make it in. I’ve barely made it to one-third of my existing appointments and get severely carsick each time. I also simply can’t sit for hours. Must they really bust my chops over the measly three figures per month in SSI I receive? I update them anytime there’s even the slightest change and I’m likely entitled to a higher amount, but they insist on dragging me in every 3-4 months! Hassle someone else! How about someone DIShonest?!

I’ve really had it. I can’t take anymore and then I get a letter saying my only source of income will be cut off if I don’t appear at 8a.m. the next business day, and even then they don’t promise they’ll bother to see me! I get SSI due to a DISABILITY. This is not a damn hobby. If a phone interview will not suffice, I will then be penniless. Good job, US government!

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