That’s what I’m calling what I’ve been experiencing. Either I don’t eat and have stomach pain all night or eat and feel nauseous. Also, carsickness is an issue, so I take Antivert and end up half-dopey all day and needing to nap. I’m still having headaches and a fast heart rate, too.

I made it to pain management today and my nurse practitioner is so wonderful. She wants me to get help and housing as much as anyone. She’s had some good suggestions and has offered her support. I’m so grateful.

This afternoon, I finally heard from The Visiting Nurse Service of New York which is the referral the ER social worker had made. Apparently, he recommended weekly visits and I told them I was seeking acceptance into a physical rehab and require a PRI. The woman I spoke with said they do those as well. Someone is supposed to visit to check on me Friday afternoon. I’m not sure what exactly they’ll do, but at least this contact has been made and hopefully it will help me move in the right direction. I still can barely stand and I need more help than I can get as an inpatient at this time.

I hope to have some positive news to report after this visit! In the meantime, I’m resting my ankle/foot as per doctor’s orders and if I didn’t mention already, my knee injections are being ordered. I don’t know if hyaluronic acid can so much for the “deranged” joints, but it’s worth a shot (pun intended).

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