I feel like I’m getting somewhere, but also possibly being screwed. New York State requires something called a PRI for those entering rehab, long term care and assisted living. I was told this would cost me $250 out of pocket. Half of my monthly income! Oh, super! I’m hoping the ER social worker’s referral calls me tomorrow to tell me otherwise and I get this PRI done without going into debt for a few months!

Yesterday, I started to notice the foot that hurts the most lately pops at the ankle when I bear weight. They definitely failed by not doing an X-ray. So now I have to schlep my broken self to my orthopedist this week and find out what’s actually wrong. I also have to reschedule the appointment with pain management I missed by going to the damn ER. I don’t know how I’ll manage to do any of this, but I’ll try. I definitely have no idea how I’ll get to therapy and I’m starting to feel like on top of physically breaking down, I’m also emotionally breaking down. I’m trying my absolute hardest, but I feel like I’m drowning and soon there will be no breath left in me.


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