A day in the ER


This was ultimately a waste. After speaking with several of my physicians and finally my primary doc calling and telling me to go straight to the ER at North Shore, I did so. But after being admitted to the ER and spending 4-5 hours with an attending who did not want to deal with my complex, degenerative and progressive disease, I removed my IV and demanded discharge. This was inevitable anyway, and my pain was only worse laying in a bed in the ER in the same position for hours. Not a single test performed or any treatment given. The neurologist, intern and social worker all wanted me admitted and then transferred to a rehabilitation facility nearby as soon as insurance approval came through. The attending pulled rank and without ever even seeing me again, made her mind up about me. I’m hopeless. She told the social worker that she can’t help a disease that just gets worse anyway. Wow.


I had given in and agreed to go only because my pain is so severe that I currently cannot walk at all. I subluxated my hip several times whilst in the ER. That didn’t seem to matter. Nor did my sudden change from having no sensation in my feet to sudden excruciating pain. That alone is scary.

I will pursue rehab and nursing care, but things are urgent. I should’ve been admitted and evaluated. How about determining why my neuropathy has suddenly evolved? From what Ive always been told, any change is something to be concerned about.

I’m so overwhelmed and also so close to giving up and letting this consume me. I really don’t know what keeps me going when I just keep getting rejected and told I’m beyond help.


One thought on “A day in the ER

  1. It is *so* hard to feel so dismissed and like you aren’t even worth some compassion–which is free! I’m sorry they treated you that way, and even more sorry that you are not finding answers and solutions. I am astounded by how frequently care providers forget about the “care” part and just jettison any case they can’t outsmart quickly. Gentle hugs.


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