It’s Tuesday and..

I said I’d have things figured out on Monday. I indeed do, but no answers yet. I have made contact with a few assisted living/rehab facilities. Does anyone know of reputable ones on Long Island that accept disabled adults (non-seniors)? I could use some help! I could also use some help with understanding the eligibility criteria.

As of this moment, I’m waiting for callbacks and e-mails to be returned. I hate waiting. I’m a patient person, but I hate anticipation, especially when I’m so damn anxious over any potential rejection. I feel like each hours that goes by is more wasted time.

My body doesn’t have time to waste. I was pushed beyond my physical limits repeatedly during my trip and not exactly by choice, but what could I say? “Can you please have one of your able-bodied adult children do this task, because it will most certainly cause further damage and pain to an already stressed body, oh, and BTW, my walker doesn’t belong in the laundry room. I actually need it to walk.” No, no you don’t when you’re dealing with dense, unsympathetic, uncaring relatives that think they’re the ones doing you a favor.

*If that last statement offends you, please read my post entitled “TBH” or just screw off. I’m sick of pretending to be OK to make everything easier for everyone else and refuse to continue to ignore my own needs.

As for my symptoms, my feet hurt so badly and I have no idea why. The nerve pain in my legs has worsened, my neck hurts a great deal and it is difficult to even lay in certain positions because my hips are so sore. I can barely walk and crawling with one arm is kinda tough. I’m pretty much trapped in bed. I have no idea how I’ll manage a shower tonight even with my shower bench.


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