I’m back, for now.

The view from the lake house.

I arrived back yesterday, met my 5 month-old nephew today and tomorrow, I will do laundry and re-pack

My trip was nothing I expected, nor was it helpful. I found myself humming “Cinderellie” more often than I should of, especially considering all the able-bodied adults available for such work. I did have a lovely time with my cousins and their awesome kids. We had some good times over that week and a half. I will, however, admit it’s a bit sad not being able to throw on some skates or join the rest of the gang on the slopes. Hell, I can’t even shop without the assistance of a walker and still pay dearly for it after the fact. I still had a good time, just not at all what I was looking for… whatever that is. I suppose I thought I’d actually have phone service and have some downtime to make calls, send e-mails or even just think. I needed those quiet hours for sleep and I was in Internet Siberia.

Monday, I’ll have to start making choices and doing so quickly. I’m really anxious and feel terribly unprepared. I though my time away from this house would allow me to make some plans, get me thoughts organized and truly decide where I stand in a very ugly game of choosing sides. Completely unsuccessful.

Monday it is. Monday I’ll have had some decisions made, plans in action. I need to. I don’t have an option. I’ll be sure to post again when I have the slightest clue!

One thought on “I’m back, for now.

  1. My thoughts & prayers will be with you tomorrow as you try to decide what to do. Hang in there…..I know that God will bring you the right solution! Love you, Sis!


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