See you next year

I received an unexpected invite to join my aunt and uncle to Upstate New York for approximately 2 weeks. We leave Monday morning. This was awfully kind of them. I could use the mini vacay, would love to see my cousins and their children and I always enjoy my time with my aunt and uncle. I’m a little anxious not knowing what’s actually in store for me, but I can go with the flow. My favorite cousin is my roommate, so that’s really cool.

I will not have internet where I’m staying, but will at least do some writing to share when I return. I have a few appointments with doctors I’ll have to reschedule whilst on the road. I have a ton of packing to figure out (it’s much colder and snowier than my Island home) and things to get mailed and e-mails to send, so I better get on that.

I look forward to all the festivities and spending time with family. I’ll have to put reality aside for a bit, but that’s probably for the best. The shit hit the fan here yesterday and my medical concerns are also just too much.

Hell, after spending Christmas 2011 in a psych ward, I can adapt to anything!! Piece of cake!

If I don’t post before then, may you all have a a happy and healthy start to 2015! May the New Year bring with it many blessings for us all!


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