Today, so far…

First of all, Chag Chanukah Sameach! I hope all who also celebrate this miraculous festival have a joyful one! I will admit, this time last year I was sure, or at least extremely hopeful that I’d be lighting the menorah in my own home for the first time. This is a tough time of year for me (not because of holidays, I actually like the holidays a lot). I’m not actually sure why this is. Being that I’m still stuck somewhere I’m so terribly unhappy definitely makes it harder.

My heart rate has been consistently high and I have chest pains that come and go. It doesn’t help that I feel threatened by Social Services. You see, in an honest effort for change to happen, it was recommended by a friend of my dad to have one of the professionals on my “team” report my living situation to Adult Protective Servives. Ultimately, this was the biggest mistake ever and I really doubt the advice of anyone right now. The APS caseworker has been harassing me ever since. She has screamed at me on the phone and threatened me with the police when I asked, based on State law, that she not contact me or show up at my residence again, which is fully within my rights (believe me, I did my research). Even though I think I have things handled, I jump everytime I hear something that halfway resembles a knock at the door! I should mention I suffer from PTSD and this has increased my symptoms to the point of requiring additional doses of medication. I feel even more like a prisoner in this house and I’ve run out of options. I’m on lists for Section 8 and Public Housing within the town/county as well as an island-wide housing program. I’m realizing my best bet is to think outside the box as well as sharing this blog in the hope that someone has just such a suggestion.

In the meantime, I received some harsh news from my orthopedist. My body simply cannot take the stress of a 2nd floor bedroom and a house not in the condition to safely use assistive devices. The disease is progressing and this could be easily avoided with just a simple change of address. Well, it seems it should be that simple!


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