I feel like I’m about to type a disclaimer here, but it’s actually just something I need to put out there for my own peace of mind.

Long story short, I know that sharing the TRUTH of my reality could potentially ruffle feathers, particularly with regard to family members. Nothing I say here will ever be some dig at another person’s actions or words when it comes to my journey, but I will state the FACTS. I realize the truth isn’t always popular, but I refuse to censor my life because some people close to me may not like how it reflects upon them. I believe that if they are bothered by any of the facts I share here, they either need to change how they relate to me or remove themselves from my life.

I don’t want it to sound like I’m about to dump my family’s dirty laundry out here for everyone to see, but if there’s something pertinent to my lack of housing and needed medical care, I will share it. This is actually something I’ve debated and lost sleep over. I like to keep my privacy and it’s not typical of me to be so transparent, even with my dearest friends. I prefer to give the edited version of events to avoid any and all confrontations, arguments, hurt feelings, etc. The problem is, I am omitting important information when I do this!

Today I turn a page on my secretive existence. When a woman I’ve known for nearly a decade was shocked to hear about my current struggles, it hit me right in the face: censoring your life is not helping, it’s just hurting! It’s hurting my chances of a potential source of help reaching out to me and it’s hurting me in ways I can’t even put into words.

It’s difficult convincing myself I’m choosing the right way to go about this, but I know I’m finally being open and just being me.

I hope this post shows that I’m coming from a sincere place…

4 thoughts on “TBH

  1. I read your post, and agree you honesty and vulnerability can be very powerful in writing. It takes courage to display both. I struggle letting outsiders see the reality of my day to day as well. But if you don’t share your story, others will not learn from it. Good luck!

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    • Thank you, Dee! Your reassurance is very encouraging. I’m also glad to know I’m not alone in struggling to feel comfortable “putting it all out there.” May writing provide a source of release and healing for both of us!


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